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How Do I book a session?



The best way to reach me is by email, at [email protected].  



What should we wear to a session?


Always dress your family and/or children in a style that they would normally wear.   They can wear pieces that are timeless and classic, or they may be dressed in outfits that are playful and bold- It's totally up to you! For family photos, it is a good idea to dress similarly.  You don't all have to be dressed the same (in fact, it's best that you aren't too matchy-matchy), but wearing clothing from the same color family will give you a more solidified look. In general,  solid colors and layers photograph beautifully. Try to avoid logos and other writing on clothing as much as possible, as it will distract from your/your child's face.  If you are having trouble deciding, check out my "What to Wear" board on Pinterest: 

What to Wear




Where do we have our session?


Once you have scheduled your session, I will discuss your location with you.  You may have the session at your home, a place of your choice, or I can suggest a few places to you.  It's always best to choose a location where you and your children will be able to relax, play, and feel at ease. It could be the beach, your favorite park, backyard, etc.  





Can we bring our own props?

Absolutely! If you wish, adding props to your session can make your photos even more unique!  However, you don't have to, and if you would like, you are free to browse through my large collection of props. 


When do we see our images?


Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you are provided with a private, password protected, online gallery. This gallery will be available to you (and your friends and family) for two weeks.  You may use this gallery to view your photos, and you will even be able to order directly from the website if you wish. 




What happens if we schedule our session at an outdoor location and it rains or snows?

On the day of our session, if the weather is bad, I will give you a call. We can try to meet at our location as scheduled, to wait out the weather. (Sometimes overcast days look beautiful in photos!) or if weather decides not to cooperate, we can reschedule for another day at no additional charge.

How/when do we pay for our session?

Please check out the 'Investment' tab, on my homepage, to see if your desired package will require a  deposit.  If a deposit is due, it must be paid upon booking, in order to hold your  appointment  date/time.  All final payments must be paid before the start of your session.  Shannon Deans Photography accepts cash, check, credit card, and Paypal payments. 

What happens if my child does not cooperate, and we aren't able to get any good pictures?

I often have parents worry that their kids will not behave at a shoot.  Children generally do not like to have their photo taken, and sometimes they will protest.  This is why I prefer a photojournalistic approach to photography.  When parents are relaxed, and kids are free to play and act as they normally would, they tend to forget that my camera is there, and they will let their true personalities (and smiles!) show.  To date, I have not had a child so uncooperative that we were not able to get at least a few excellent photos. However, as previously mentioned, my ultimate goal is to make sure that you are happy with  the results of your shoot.  If for any reason you are are not, I will gladly reshoot for you, at no additional charge.

(Oh, and for the record,  I have a five two kids of my own.  I have seen every type of meltdown, temper tantrum, and photography escape tactic around! I know that kids are not always perfect angels! I also know that they are usually not perfect angels at the times when we would most like them to be!)   




I am pregnant. When should I book my maternity session?


Maternity sessions are best held between weeks 30-37 of pregnancy.  They may; however, be done before that, or even right up to your due date.




I would like a newborn photography session. How do we book?


Newborns should be photographed within the first two weeks of life, and preferably within the first 5-7 days. The earlier you book your session, the better.  As soon as you let me know you are interested, I will pencil you in around your due date. You can contact me, as soon as possible, after your baby is born, and we will set up a definite date at that time.




I hope you find this information page useful.  If you have any other questions, feel free to click the "contact" tab at the top of the page. :)